DPBCouncil´s meeting with the Ambassador 24.08. 2017

DPBCouncil´s meeting with the Ambassador 24.08. 2017

Syed Munawar Hussain, First Secretary Zain Ul Abidin, Suraiya Kasim, LLM, Hassan Mahmood advocate,H.E. Syed Z. H. Gardezi, Kurt Damsted chairman, Suhail Sundoo & Nasar Malik.

H.E. Syed Zulfuqar Haider Gardezi welcomes the Danish Pakistani Business Council

Tariq Sundoo ceo, Danish companies and their Pakistani partners see long-term potential

Danish Pakistani Business Council is aiming to develop a strong business relationship between Denmark and Pakistan.

Our vision is to become the main facilitator for small and medium size companies interested in doing business between the two countries.

Our advantage as we see it that we are politically and socially well connected in both the countries. We know and understand the language and culture of both the countries.

Our objective is to help open the way for Danish Investors to invest in Pakistan by finding the right partners within the Pakistani market.

We want to be the ones helping the Danish businesses to penetrate the Pakistani market and vise versa.

We have started our process of structuring the right communications and networking opportunities through –conferences and networking which we hope will lead to the right businesses in both the countries.

Suhail Sundoo welcomes the ambassador H. E. Syed Zulfiqar Haider Gardezi to the Danish Pakistani Business Council for future cooperation to promote more business life between Denmark and Pakistan



Happy 70th Independence Day of Pakistan CPH. 14.08. 2017


Mr. Kurt Damsted Chairman DpbCouncil welcomes  our new ambassador

H.E. Syed Zulfuqar Haider Gardezi

Nasar Malik &  our new ambassador  H.E. Syed Zulfuqar Haider Gardezi

Rubakh Amir Sundoo wish warmly welcomes to our new ambassador

H.E. Syed Zulfuqar Haider Gardezi

Head Of Chancery Mr. Zain Ul Abideen First secretary

Suhail Sundoo Dpbcouncil, Head Of Chancery Mr. Zain Ul Abideen First secretary,

Suraiya Kasim LLM Dpbcouncil & Asif Imran Accountant Embassy

H.E. Syed Zulfuqar Haider Gardezi & Suhail Sundoo ( DpbCouncil.dk)

Urfan Ahmed General Practitioner doctor & H.E. Syed Zulfuqar Haider Gardezi

H.E. Syed Zulfuqar Haider Gardezi & Abbas Ali Qayyum Resident Cardiology Doctor


President Mamnoon Hussain has appreciated the growing volume of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Denmark.
Talking to Ambassador-designate of Pakistan to Denmark, Mr Syed Zulfiqar Haider Gardezi, President Hussain

noted that Pakistan and Denmark enjoy warm and cordial relations. The President also emphasized on the excellent

incentives available for (FDI) in Pakistan and showed interest in enhancing the current trade volume, especially in the

field of energy. The President also sent his best wishes and greetings to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe-II of Denmark.


Board member DPBcouncil Kaleem Hayat attended the conference.

The purpose of the Summit in Finland was to connect the Pakistani companies with the Scandinavians. There was a big presence of Finnish companies, followed by a number of companies from Sweden and finally Denmark.

Short submissions were made from the various business councils, and some major contracts were among education institutions from Finland and Pakistan.

All participants were involved, and each of the participating companies was given the opportunity to promote themselves and what they were looking for at the conference. Business cards were exchanged. Some of the Scandinavian companies specifically sought collaborators / sales offices in Pakistan to expand their products.

As for the Danish Pakistani Business Council, we got the opportunity to create and strengthened contacts with the other nodical-Pakistani business councils, primarily Swedish and Finnish. In addition, we had a good dialogue with the Pakistani embassy in Sweden.






09:00 –                                        Registration and Coffee for networking

09:30 – 09:50                            Official Opening of the NPBS with Welcoming words by

                                                       Mr. Wille Eerola, Chairman of NPBS, Hon. Consul General of Pakistan

                                                       Mr/Mrs N.N., Ministry of X, Finland

                                                       H.E. Mr. Tariq Zameer, Ambassador of Pakistan

                                                       Mr. Jaakko Laajava, Senior Advisor, Finland Chamber of Commerce

09:50 – 12:00                            NPBS 2017

                                                       Brief and interactive presentations about business environment,                                                                                   business and industry sectors covering energy, cleantech, education,                                                                    healthcare, infrastructure, textile, trade, manufacturing, ICT/IT.

Moderated Q&A and discussion. Moderated by Mr. Hassan Raza, Mr. Matti                                            Naakka, Mr. Wille Eerola, FPBC

10:00 – 10:15                            ”Progressive Pakistan”

Ms. Saima Sabah, Commercial Counsellor,

Embassy of Pakistan

10:15 – 10:25                            ”Nordic touch over Finland to Pakistan”

Mr. Wille Eerola, Chairman                                                                                                                                           Finland Pakistan Business Council

10:25 – 10:35                            ”Finnpartnership’s services and tools for                                                                                                                                   Companies”                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Janne Niemelä, Collaboration Coordinator


10:35 – 10:45                            ”Sweden – Pakistan trade and business”

N.N., Title

Pakistan Sweden Business Council (PSBC)

10:45 – 10:55                            “Helping you to grow in Denmark and Pakistan”

Mr. Tariq Sundoo, CEO

Mr. Kaleem Hayat, Board member

Danish Pakistani Business Council (DPBC)


10:55 – 11:10                            ”Clean Water by Outotec”

Mr.  Kaj Jansson, Director, Minerals Processing                                                                                        and Water Treatment



11:10 – 11:20                            ”Finnish Textile Business”

Ms. Anne Ruokamo, Advisor,                                                                                                                                         Internationalisation Services

Finnish Textile and Fashion

11:20 – 11:30                            “See you soon in Lahore! Welcome to NPBS                                                                                                   2017 on April 25-26, 3017    in Lahore”

By the representatives of Lahore Chamber of                                                                                       Commerce and Finland Pakistan Business                                                                                            Council

11:30 – 11:40                            “Education Boosting the Development of                                                                                                                                     Pakistan”

Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad, Rector of UMT,

University of Management and Technology,                                                                                     Lahore, Pakistan


11:40 – 11:50                            ”Swedish Experience with the Pakistani                                                                                                                                         Education Sector”

Mr. Odd Eiken, CEO, Nordiced

11:50 – 12:00                            “Best Pakistani startups to Kotka in July”

Ms. Momal Mushtaq, *ship festival 2017

12:00 – 12:10                            Signing ceremonies of the agreements of                                                                                                                                     cooperation between UMT, KOULU Education                                                                                          and 2nd Opinion.

12:10 – 13:30                            Networking Lunch – Your starting point for new business!

13:30 – 16:00                            Short presentations, meetings and match-making by industry sectors.

There are several meetings rooms and areas available for your own                                                                                   meetings, discussions and presentation.

  1. Energy, sustainable energy, cleantech, water
  2. Trade, manufacturing, textile
  3. IT, ICT, Healthcare, others
  4. “NPBS Society Talks on Education” see separate agenda, next page

14:40 – 15:00                            Coffee break for networking

16:00                                           Closing the Event.


Thursday 19 January





13:30 – 16:00                            Presentations, discussions and networking by various industry and                                                                                   business sectors matching the interest of the delegates incl. energy,                                                                  cleantech, water treatment, food, textile, trade, engineering industries, IT,                                              ICT, disaster management.

Participating companies have an opportunity for 2-5 minutes                                                                                   presentations on request.

A – Sustainable energy and Cleantech (energy, water)

B – Textile, trade, manufacturing

C – IT, ICT, Healthcare, Medical

D – Others

Please note that you can use the Summit venue for your own B2B meetings                                     accordingly.

14:40 – 15:00                            Coffee break for additional networking



“NPBS Society Talks on Education”

World Class Nordic Education and Pakistan: What we can do together to boost the development of Pakistan?

13:30 – 13:40                            Opening by the N.N., Chairman of NPBS Society Talks 2017.

13:30 – 14:00                            “Finland’s Success Story in Education”

by Mr. Jouni Kangasniemi, Senior Advisor, International Relations,                                                                                   Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland

14:00 – 14:20                            “Pakistan – Opportunities and Challenges in the Education Sector”

by Fiona Hallworth, Administrator, The City School, Pakistan

14:20 – 14:50                            “Nordic Experiences with Education Projects in Pakistan – what is already                                        happening?”, best practices and discussions

“Teacher Training in the modern world: our experiences in Pakistan “,                                                    by Antti Kaskinen, Partner & CEO, KOULU Group, Finland


“Nordic International School: Nordic school network in Pakistan”

by Mr. Odd Eiken, CEO, Nordiced, Sweden


14:50 – 15:10                            Coffee break for networking


15:10 – 15:30                            Presentations and talks, “Bridging the Gap”


“Play to Learn“ by Lauri Järvilehto, CEO, Lightneer


“Education, Skills and Innovation for Inclusive Growth and Prosperity for                                                       All“, by N.N., FCG International


15:30 – 16:00                            Moderated Panel Discussion


“Entrepreneurship boosting the Universities and Pakistan”

with Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad, Rector of University Management and                                                                                   Technology and Phd Antti Paasio, Emeritus Professor of University of                                                    Turku.


Moderated by Phd, Mr. Mika Aaltonen, title, company.


16:00                                           Closing remarks



Velkomst møde med den nye danske ambassadør, Ole Thonke i Pakistan

Danish Pakistani Business Council afholdt i dag møde med den nye danske ambassadør, Ole Thonke i Pakistan, på Gammel Kongevej 109, 1850 Frederiksberg C

Danish Pakistani Business Council fik drøftet en del tanker og løsninger til et fremtidigt samarbejde med ambassaden i forhold til de danske virksomheders eksport til Pakistan.


LLM Suraiya Kasim,  CEO , Advisory Board Shahid Butt, Ambassadør Ole Thonke, Chairman Kurt Damsted og Advokat Khuram Ahmed

Ole 2

The TTIP Nordic Debate Investment Partnership EU-US Transatlantic and Regulatory Issues

5 November, 2015 The Marriot, Copenhagen

Arranged by British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark Event


The American Ambassador Rufus Gifford & Suhail Sundoo Danish Pakistan Business Council


Mariano A. Davies, President & CEO & Suhail Sundoo DPBCouncil

This event provides a forum for a Nordic regional perspective on regulatory cooperation in TTIP and how it will impact the regions trade with the US. Registration is closed!


Regulatory compatibility is at the heart of the TTIP negotiations, with it being cited as a key factor in restricting trade between the US and EU. This also applies to the Nordic economies – Denmark, Sweden and Finland – (excluding Norway and Iceland) with joint exports to the US of 16 billion Euro as of 2014.

Increased regulatory cooperation will boost growth, create jobs and improve consumer choice unmatched anywhere in the agreement. About 80% of the potential gains in TTIP hinge on such cooperation to reduce non-tariff barriers, known in trade terms as NTBs.

NTBs cost Europe an estimated 187 billion Euro in potential export to the US. This amount is 11 times the combined Nordic export to the US or 45% of the region’s global export. They are often high for certain industries, thus preventing market entry and limiting the growth prospects of SMEs. The EU identified nine sectors that will benefit the most from regulatory cooperation. For the Nordics, pharmaceutical, automotive and the food industries stand out. For instance Denmark’s pharma firms, Sweden’s auto industry and Finland’s food and engineering industries could see significant growth as a result.

Yet, Trade Unions (divided opinion), Civil Society and Environmental groups are alarmed about the risks of further regulatory compatibility. They warned it could lower European health and safety standards, reverse our environmental achievements and expose our financial system to more risks. Furthermore, in exchange for the promised export opportunities, Nordic SMEs (95% of all companies in this region) will be priced out or bought by large US corporations

They also question negotiators’ prudence in setting high standards, due to the lack of regulations preventing them from taking up corporate jobs in areas that they are negotiating. This means that large corporations are merely paying lip service to the discussions, knowing that they can circumvent future regulations by hiring a negotiator further down the line.

Event Objectives

This event provides a forum for a Nordic regional perspective on regulatory cooperation in TTIP and how it will impact the regions trade with the US. It allows the European Commission, along with governments and business/industry leaders to secure public endorsement of the deal by engaging civil society in an open debate on the pros and cons-a true reflection of European democratic ideals.

This model of public engagement leverages Denmark’s reputation for open dialogue.



Pakistani Energy Delegation´s Visit to  Denmark 22nd September 2014

Pakistan at a Crossroad

Asia House, Indiakaj 16, 2100 København Ø

Pakistan is a “Next Eleven” country predicted to develop into one of the world’s largest economies along the lines of the BRIC countries in the 21st century.


The Pakistani ambassador Cph. H. E. Mr. Masroor Junejo welcomes the Pakistani business delegation and the Danish Ambassador Jesper Møller Jørgensen.

The Danish Pakistani Business Council represented by CEO Tariq Sundoo, Suhail Sundoo and Suraiya Kasim also participated in this seminar and gave their positive input about doing business in Denmark.


Suraiya Kasim with Fiza Farhan Bukshenergy

A delegation of Pakistani private companies working in the field of energy is on a visit to Denmark. The visit has been arranged and sponsored by the Danish Foreign Ministry. The delegation will attend important energy installations and Danish Government offices with a view to gaining insight into the successful experience of Denmark in the field of renewable energy. The interest of these companies range from oil & gas, renewable energy, waste management and waste-to-energy production.

A seminar was held in the historic building of Asia House, where the Pakistani delegation as well as Danish businessmen and representatives of Danish companies were introduced to the working experience of Danish companies in Pakistan. The presentation was made by Mr. Gregers Schmidt, General Manager, (Cement Division, EMEA & APAC, Sales) of FL Schmidt which has a long history of successful business in Pakistan.

During the discussion, Ambassador Masroor Junejo spoke at length about the legal instruments signed by Pakistan on protection of foreign investment; he briefed them about the business friendly policies and the priority given to the foreign investors and businessmen, by the Pakistani Government. Earlier, the Danish Ambassador Mr. Jesper Moller Sorensen gave a detailed presentation on Denmark’s focus on Pakistan and the prospects for Danish companies in investing in Pakistan. The Danish Ambassador along with his Commercial Counselor and Commercial Secretary is accompanying the delegation.



Ambassador meet with young talented Pakistani Architect


His Excellency Mr. Masroor A. Junejo meet with Mr. Fasih Uddin Khan, Architect sustainable urban designer from Royal Danish Academy of Architecture School as an exchange student.

Mr. Khan discussed about his thoughts about architecture vision which he wants to be implemented in potential country Pakistan. Mr Khan started his architecture studies from Beaconhouse Nation University, Lahore, he was  hired as an In-House Architect  by Imran Khan Foundation for Namal Knowledge City Project, Mianwali. After successful completion of his exchange semester from Copenhagen, he is going to start professional internship in Manhattan  New York City at Alexander Gorlin Architects Company.

Fasih ud Din Khan explained the ambassador that he is proud to be a member of Danish Pakistani Business Council  and in future he will work for architectural trade work business  between Pakistan and Danmark .

His Excellency Mr. Masroor A. Junejo was really happy to know about his efforts and work which Mr. Khan did and Ambassador Wish that more young talented students like him come to Denmark and get inspired from advanced sustainable Technology of the west.

Foto (R) Suhail Sundoo



Ambassador Masroor A. Junejo calls on the Foreign Minister of Denmark

Martin Lidegaard og June 2014

The Ambassador of Pakistan to Denmark, Masroor A. Junejo called on Martin Lidegaard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark on 28 April 2014. Welcoming the Ambassador, the Minister stated that the relations between Pakistan and Denmark were stronger than ever. He particularly referred to the potential of economic cooperation between the two countries. Mr. Lidegaard identified the possibilities of cooperation in the field of energy.

The Ambassador of Pakistan thanked the Minister for receiving him and expressed the hope that the relations between Pakistan and Denmark will continue to grow further in the years ahead. He informed the Minister that during his stay in Denmark, he would focus on further cementing trade and economic ties between the two countries. The Ambassador also expressed satisfaction at the level of cooperation between the Embassy of Pakistan in Copenhagen and the Danish Mission in Islamabad in that direction. He also pointed out the opportunities that Pakistan had to offer for investment and mentioned the strategic location of Pakistan and the size of its domestic market. The Ambassador informed the Minister about the success of a business seminar that was organized by the Pakistan-Danish Business Council with the cooperation of the Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Pakistan early this month.

Mr. Junejo also briefed the Minister on the political situation in the region and particularly the developments in neighbouring Afghanistan.

28 April 2014


 Pakistan – et nyt vækstmarked for handels- og serviceerhvervene


Fra venstre mod højre: Mr. Imran Afzal Cheema, Sec. Board of Investment of Pakistan, Kurt Damsted, Chairman Dpbc., Jens Alsbirk, Director EU & Int. Dansk Erhverv, Ambassadør Masroor Junejo, Embassy of Pakistan, Ambassador Jesper Møller Sørensen, Danmarks ambassadør i Pakistan, Tariq Sundoo CEO, Dpbc.
Danish Pakistansk Business Council afholdt i går i samarbejde med Dansk Erhverv, den pakistanske ambassade i København og Board of Investment of Pakistan en særdeles succesrig konference med over 100 deltagere fra både dansk og pakistansk erhvervsliv. Det foregik på Børsen i København og drejede sig om markedsmulighederne i Pakistan.

Blandt oplægsholderne var begge landes ambassadører, tidligere udviklingsminister Christian Friis Bach samt flere topdirektører fra betydende danske virksomheder.


Konferencen skal bane vejen for et større samarbejde mellem danske og pakistanske erhvervsvirksomheder til gavn for begge landes eksportudvikling. Der var stor interesse blandt de mange deltagere, som det efterfølgende netværksarbejde også viste. Mange nye bånd og aftaler blev knyttet, og der er ingen tvivl om, at vi fremover vil se at positivt resultat af denne vigtige konference. Pakistan er i rivende udvikling og er derfor et interessant marked for danske virksomheder. På seminaret fortalte Danmarks ambassadør i Pakistan, Jesper Møller Sørensen, om den seneste økonomiske og politiske udvikling i Pakistan og berørte markedsmulighederne for danske virksomheder.


Med en vækst på 4 % i 2012 og med sine ca. 180 mio. indbyggere er Pakistan på vej til at blive en betydelig økonomi og et stort marked.

Jens Alsbirk, Direktør for EU and International Afd. Dansk Erhverv var ordstyrer.

På vegne af Dansk Pakistansk Business Council takkede CEO Tariq Sundoo deltagerne, Jens Alsbirk, Jesper Juhl Jensen Dansk Erhverv, Den Pakistanske ambassade i Hellerup og ikke mindst de af oplægsholderne, som kom helt fra Pakistan, bl.a. Chef for Board of Investment of Pakistan og ambassadøren Jesper Møller Sørensen.

”Pakistan er et land med stort potentiale i forskellige sektorer med en meget venlig og liberal investeringspolitik” sagde Tariq Sundoo, som ser Pakistan som et kæmpe land med mange muligheder, og hvis investeringspotentiale ikke er opdaget endnu.

Der er et kæmpe potentiale i Pakistan, og landet ligger åben for danske virksomheder med mod på et eksporteventyr, sagde Kurt Damsted, Chairman of DPBC, og refererede til Børsen (5. marts 2014), der peger på vækstmulighederne i landet. Især den voksende middelklasse skaber nye muligheder.

Topchefer fra bl.a. Novo Nordisk og F.L. Smith har senest taget sig tid til den dagslange rejse til Pakistan. Begge danske mastodonter er klar over, at det er et marked, der skal satses på. Novo Nordisks topchef har for et par måneder siden været i Pakistan for at have en dialog med ledende politikere og aktører på området – herunder sundhedsministeren.

“Vi tror på, at vi ved at intensivere indsatsen i Pakistan på et tidligt stadie kan præge udviklingen af sundhedssystemet. Der ligger selvfølgelig også et forretningsmæssigt stort potentiale ved at være i Pakistan netop nu,” siger Lars Rebien Sørensen og peger på, at det netop er nu, hvor Pakistan er under opbygning efter årtier med uro, at man skal investere i landet.
Gruppeformand for Radikale Venstre og tidligere udviklingsminister Christian Friis Bach fortalte om sine personlige erfaringer fra sit officielle besøg i Pakistan.

Novo Nordisks vicepræsident Niels Lund og Ciklum berettede om deres erfaringer fra et mangeårigt kommercielt engagement i Pakistan.

Den Pakistanske ambassadør Masroor A. Junejo fra den pakistanske ambassade i København afrundede seminaret med tak til alle deltagerne og oplægsholderne.


  DSC_0314Saleel Sundoo, Amb. Jesper M. Sørensen & Suhail Sundoo





April 10, 2014


WB-projekter 4 pct BNP-væksten i 2013-14

Bedre tilgængelighed energi


ISLAMABAD – Verdensbanken onsdag forventes at Pakistans BNP-væksten skulle nærme sig til fire procent i løbet af igangværende regnskabsår 2013-14, drevet af dynamisk fremstillings-og servicesektoren, bedre adgang til energi og tidlig genoplivning af investorernes tillid.
Verdensbanken i sin rapport ‘Pakistan Development Opdatering 2014 «, har forudsagt, at landets BNP-vækst vil være i området på 3,6 til 4 procent i løbet af indeværende finansår 2013-14 imod regeringens mål på 4,4 procent. Væksten er picking up, primært drevet af serviceydelser og produktion. Ligeledes har væksten forbedret i engros-og detailhandel, finans og forsikring. Stigning i væksten i storstilet produktion kom fra stærke præstationer af agro-og papirindustrien, jern og stål. Landbruget ser lidt under målet på grund af ugunstige vejrforhold. På efterspørgselssiden, fortsætter væksten at blive drevet af det private forbrug.Kredit til den private sektor er begyndt at stige igen, og havde bogført nominel vækst på 4,6 procent, på årsbasis, som i midten af marts 2014 Dog investering opsving privat er mild.; og meget af dette er arvet fra den fortrængning af den private sektors kredit ved statslig låntagning, der voksede tæt på nul i FY13.
Rapporten anslog også, at Pakistans budgetunderskuddet ville blive begrænset på seks procent af BNP (Rs 1560 milliarder) i løbet af FY2014 primært som følge af en forbedret skatteopkrævning og begrænset strøm og udvikling udgifter. Men FBR samling er lidt under målet. På udgiftssiden har energirelaterede tilskud blevet reduceret med toldtilpasninger.Men mens regeringen behandlet med bestanden af den cirkulære gæld, hvilket har resulteret i reduceret aflastning i de første måneder af året, cirkulære gæld genopstår.
de løbende poster er fortsat beskeden, omkring 1 procent af BNP, støttet af stærke pengeoverførsler og dynamik eksport, og den eksterne position er langsomt forbedret siden penge-og valutakurspolitik skiftede gear mod at genopbygge reserverne i november sidste år.
Ifølge rapporten, den offentlige gæld er fortsat over 60 procent af BNP, tillades af Fiscal Responsibility Law, og retfærdiggjort af sikkerhedsmæssige årsager. Som store budgetunderskud er blevet finansieret i stigende grad gennem indenlandsk låntagning har rollover risiko steget. Ekstern finansiering til rådighed for regeringen er knappe, men forventes at forbedre i de sidste to kvartaler.
Rapporten fremhævede tre kilder til risiko synes bekymrende inkluderet Pakistan importerer mere end det eksporterer, sidstnævnte begrænset af lav produktivitet og konkurrenceevne, begrænset adgang til pålidelige energi og besværlige erhvervsregulering. Politiske begivenheder holde udenlandske direkte investeringer og private investeringer lave, hvilket også påvirker valutareserver. Usikre politiske miljø underminerer investorernes tillid og trykker den økonomiske aktivitet. Den urolige sektors indenlandske energi fortsætter med at udholde en lang grundet kompleks arv på sin rundskrivelse gæld, som i modsætning til regeringens planer, kan påvirke størrelsen af den finanspolitiske tilpasning.
Pakistans Emerging Markets Bonds Index Plus (EMBI +) risikospredning holder dog faldende fra de høje niveauer, der vises ved starten af den nye administration. Markedets tillid til regeringens program bærer frugt, da EMBI næsten har halveret fra 1.011 basispoint i marts 2013 til omkring 468 basispoint, som 26. marts 2014. Regeringen har til hensigt at drage fordel af det og vende tilbage til de internationale markeder med placering af en 500 millioner dollar – 1000 millioner dollars Eurobond i fjerde kvartal af det indeværende finansår


Pakistan – et nyt vækstmarked for handels- og serviceerhvervene


Med en vækst på 4% i 2012 og med sine ca. 200 mio. indbyggere er pakistan på vej til at blive en betydelig økonomi og et stort marked.

Dansk Erhverv, Danish Pakistani Business Council – DPBC – og den pakistanske ambassade i København inviterer til seminar om markedsmulighederne i Pakistan.

Tid: Torsdag den 10. april 2014 kl. 15:00- 17:00

Sted: Hos Dansk Erhverv på Børsen, Slotsholmsgade 1, 1217 København K  Tilmeldingsfrist: Lørdag den 31. marts 2014,  Afmelding senest tirsdag den 8. april 2014

Pakistan er i rivende udvikling og er derfor et interessant marked for danske virksomheder. På seminaret vil Danmarks ambassadør i Pakistan, Jesper Møller Sørensen, fortælle om den seneste økonomiske og politiske udvikling i Pakistan og berøre markedsmulighederne for danske virksomheder.

Gruppeformand for Radikale Venstre og tidligere udviklingsminister Christian Friis Bach fortæller om sine personlige erfaringer fra landet og Novo og Ciklum beretter om deres erfaringer fra et mangeårigt kommercielt engagement i Pakistan. Endelig vil ambassadør Masroor A. Junejo fra den pakistanske ambassade i København afrunde seminaret.

Konferencesproget er engelsk.



Opening remarks

Jens Alsbirk, Director for EU and International Relations, Danish Chamber of Commerce


Welcome and Introduction to Danish Pakistani Business Association (DPBC)

Tariq Sundoo, CEO DPBC and Kurt Damsted, Chairman DPBC


Pakistan: Land of opportunity for (daring) Danish companies?

Jesper Møller Sørensen, Denmark’s ambassador to Pakistan


Pakistan – a country ready for reform and modernization Christian Friis Bach, MP, former Minister for Development Cooperation, Radikale Venstre


Adapting to the opportunities in the local business environment

– the case of Novo Nordisk

Niels Lund, Vice President, Global Public Affairs, Novo Nordisk


Ciklum – 12 years successful software development in Pakistan

Claus Østergaard, Sales Manager, Ciklum


Concluding remarks and introduction of business partners in Pakistan

Ambassador Masroor Junejo, the Embassy of Pakistan in Copenhagen


Networking buffet

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