Pakistani ambassadors in denmark 2000-2025

Pakistani ambassadors in denmark 2000-2025

13. oct. 2024 / 03.nov. 2024

Denmark and Pakistan Celebrate 75 years of Diplomatic Relations.

Celebration of Danish Pakistani 75th anniversary of business, diplomatic, cultural and social relations

October 2024 marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Pakistan. 

Denmark and Pakistan have continued to grow over the past 75 years on the basis of mutual respect and shared values. The two countries enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership in political, economic, academic, environmental, social and cultural domains. There is a common desire to promote regional and global peace, security and sustainable development. 

Denmark and Pakistan relations are marked by high-level exchanges and contacts with frequent meetings at the leadership level. The two countries also actively collaborate in various multilateral fora.

The bilateral economic relations between Pakistan and Denmark are robust and growing with sizeable trade in multiple product lines and substantial investments of leading Danish companies in Pakistan including FL SMith, Novo Nordisk. Cooperation in the fields of IT & ITES, ship-breaking and ship-recycling has recently emerged with great promise. 

Pakistani-origin Danes are the most vital link between Pakistan and Denmark.

The Pakistani diaspora that first arrived in Denmark in late 1960s is today among one of the largest immigrant groups in Denmark. They are a diverse, multi-generational group that contributes in all walks of life, including politics, liberal arts, business, education, science, research, medicine, healthcare, law, consultancy, and engineering. As a country of origin, Pakistan takes pride in their socio-economic contribution to the country of their choice.

As we celebrate this important milestone in Pakistan-Denmark relations, Pakistan strongly believes that friendship and cooperation between the two countries will continue to grow and flourish in the years to come.

Dansk Erhverv

Tariq Sundoo ceo, Jesper Juul Jensen Dir., H.E. Shoaib Sarwar & Nadeem Farooq, Former MP.

Suhail Sundoo, Ambassador Jakob Linulf & Tommy Häggmark

H.E. Ahmed Farooq and Tariq Sundoo CEO 2020

Munawar Hussain, Zain Abideen, Suriya Kasim, Hassan Mahmood, H.E. Gardezi, Kurt Damsted, Suhail Sundoo & Nasar Mailk

Adeel Abbas, Suhail Sundoo, H.E. Ole Thonke, H.E. Zulfiqar Gardezi & Tariq Sundoo

H.E. Naseem Ahmed & M. Bashir Sundoo 1976 -1979

Ambassador Javed Qureshi
Ambassador Fauzia Abbas Mufti, Tariq Sundoo CEO & Ambassador Masroor Jaunejo

H.E. Fauzia Abbas, Nasar Malik, Prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, & Tariq Sundoo

Syed Munawar Hussain, Tariq Sundoo & anbassador Fauzia Abbas Mufti
BOI Mr. Cheema, Kurt Damsted, H.E. Masror Junejo, H.E. Jesper Møller Sørensen & Tariq Sundoo
? H.E. Masror Junejo & Suhail Sundoo

Uffe Ellemann- Jensen, H.E. Fauzia Abbas Mufti & Kurt Damsted Chairman DPBC.