DPBC Services

DPBC Services

1. Research & Development Department

This department provides latest information and guidance to the members involved in trade and industry by way of:
1.1 Rendering techniccal support and know how to several Standing Committees of different subsectors of trade and industry

1.2 Preparing research reports and budget propals

1.3 Organising seminars, workshops, exhibitions and economic forums

1.4 Providing advisory services to the members regarding import, export, taxation, monetary, investment policies of   the goverments, and organises trade delegations to both countries, and participation in international trade fairs.

1.5 Publishes research journal “Economic Outlook”

2. Computer Department

3. Information Department

4. Total Quality Management Department

5. Membership

Business, whetherproprietorship, registered firm, private limited, public limited or any other company or concern shall be eligible for membership of the Danish Pakistani Business Council provided one has its head office, registered office, branch office or manufacturing plant in one of our two countries, is engaged in export, import or other trade or is owning a factory, pays or is liable to pay income tax, and operates a satisfactory bank account.

The three classes under which a business house can become member of the DPBC are:

  • Chamber Class,
  • Associate Class,
  • Trade Groups,

6. Service- & konsulentydelser i henhold vedtægter!


1.                   Ansøgning om medlemskab

2.                   Medarbejdere

3.                   Medlemsfordele

4.                   Referencer

Eksport, Marketing, Salg

5.                   Eksportrådgivning

6.                   Selskabsrapporter og årsregnskaber

7.                   Event Management

8.                   Lokaleudlejning

9.                   Pr-service

10.                 Medarbejderrekruttering

11.                 Messeservice

12.                 FN-Licitationer

13.                 Oversættelsesservice

14.                 Sprogundervisning for erhvervsfolk

15.                 Emballage- og miljøservice

16.                 Licitationsovervågning for byggebranchen

Jura, Skat, Administration

17.                 Juridisk rådgivning

18.                 Skatterådgivning

19.                 Momsregistrering

20.                 Fiskalrepræsentant

21.                 Inkassoservice

22.                 Personaleforvaltning

23.                 Bogholderiservice

24.                 Momsrefusion


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