Visa on Arrival for Tourists

Visa on Arrival for Tourists

Visa on Arrival for tourists

Tourists from the following 24 Tourist Friendly Countries (TFC) can also enter Pakistan with a Visa on Arrival.Visas in Pakistan

Map of the 24 Tourist Friendly Countries

Among countries who are part of the Tourist Friendly Countries (TFC) are: Austria, France, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Canada, Greece, Malaysia, Sweden, China, Iceland, Netherlands, Thailand, Denmark, Italy, Norway, U.K., Finland, Japan, Portugal, U.S.A.

Visa on Arrival will be valid for 30 days and allows multiple entries. Designated Tour Operators will oversee all the tourist activities in Pakistan. These tour operators will also make sure that the tourist will not overstay beyond the validity of the visa.

Also, tour operators will apply for an extension before the expiry of visa, if required. Moreover, tour operators will have to confirm the departure of the tourists before they actually leave the country.

In addition, all business visas except for VOA takes 3-4 weeks to process. However, visa application by Indian Nationals can take up to 8 weeks.

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