Flag hoisting ceremony at the Embassy of Pakistan. Celebration of Resolution and Republic Day

Flag hoisting ceremony at the Embassy of Pakistan. Celebration of Resolution and Republic Day

The Pakistani Embassy in Copenhagen celebrated Pakistan’s Resolution and Republic Day today at a ceremony. Parts of the Danish – Pakistani community participated in the event.

After the flag raising, the greeting from the new Pakistani President and Prime Minister, read by Head of Chancery Dr. Shomaila Usman.

The Ambassador Shoaib Sarwar welcomed the guests and thanked them for being part of the ceremony. In his remarks, the Ambassador said that on this day in 1940, the Muslims put forward their demand for a “separate state”, a separate homeland where they could live their lives in accordance with their aspirations. Ambassador Shoaib Sarwar emphasized the importance of events in the history of Pakistan’s making, stressing the need to remind future generations of the purpose behind the creation of Pakistan.

He also mentioned that the efforts and sacrifices made by the founders of Pakistan for its creation were a debt that needed to be repaid.

The ambassador also gave an overview of the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Denmark. He highlighted the cordial nature of relations between the countries. He said further efforts were consistently being made to add layers of significant partnership between these countries. He highlighted the holding of bilateral political consultations and the resulting improvement in understanding between Pakistan and Denmark.

The ambassador also spoke about the situation in the Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, stressing Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to the people until they achieve their right to self-determination.

In this connection, he praised the efforts of the Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora to highlight the key issue in Denmark.

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