#4 Competitive labor cost

#4 Competitive labor cost

The minimum wage for the unskilled workers in Pakistan is currently around Rs. 15,000 ($125) per month. These workers are those who lack technical training and expertise. Examples are maids, fast food or grocery workers, and janitors.

High skilled workers, on the other hand, have the average monthly wage of Rs. 41,100( $339). These workers have specialized training and a skill- set to perform their duties. For example, technicians, electricians, specialists, etc.

Compared to other neighboring countries, such as India and China, the wages in Pakistan remain relatively low.

Minimum wages in Pakistan, India, and China

Country   Minimum monthly wage in 2017

Source: Trading Economics

As seen from the table, the minimum wage in China is even higher than the average wage a skilled worker earns in Pakistan.

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